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day 7

Day 7 - A major story location.

oops? kinda already did this yesterday ;u; okay, i’ll do the hang-out place one from yesterday, and i’ll make it into a major story location hahahaha all the writing in present tense rather threw me off pff

Alex escaped from The Hole an hour early to swing by the marketplace for apples and oranges and a handful of flowers. With a bag in each hand, he pushed his way through the crowd. 

"Hey!" he said indignantly as a rude push knocked his leg into a hard stone corner.

Alex glared at the statue in front of him. The Lovers stood together, locked in a stone embrace.

"Yeah sure," muttered Alex, "You two should have been named ‘The Voyeurs’ or ‘The Overly Affectionate Couple’ or something. Why do heroes get to act indecent in public?" 

Of course Alex was exaggerating a bit, but the memorial statue was quite ostentatious after all.

skipping aheaddd Alex goes on the train and gets off and goes down a few streets.

"Look it’s Alex!" a young voice shouted. "Alex has got gifts for us!"

Instantly, Alex was swarmed by a dozen of skinny children.

Alex laughed and handed the speaker his bags of fruit, “Yes, yes. I hope it takes you guys longer to inhale these.”

"Not likely," the little boy raced off to with three others, each dragging one handle of the bag to lug their precious cargo back.

A little girl, Agnes, asked shyly, “Are you staying today, Alex?”

"No, sorry Nessa. I’m visiting the Lady today."

skipping more x.x i’m so tired. but all Alex is doing is walking down the road…but it’s boring to write like that in prose.

Alex finally stopped in front of a medium sized rock.

"So, I’ve been trying to try in school more, but it doesn’t work. I still think it’s a useless cause, but I’m still gonna give it a shot. For you," Alex paused, "I still remember that nameless song you sang me. Probably to calm me down though, because you couldn’t talk. I wish I could call the woman who saved my life, okay, my arm, a proper name rather than just Lady. But it doesn’t feel right to name you either. Anyway, I told you I wasn’t ever going to forget you, so I brought you some flowers."

Alex bent down and deposited the tiny blue flowers next to the rock (they’re Forget-Me-Nots :D). He wasn’t surprised when a warm head nudged his thigh. Luke always knew when he went to visit the Lady.

sooooo. lotsa details here that i’m too tired to go take notes on in Word or something x.x and some are too spoiler-ey so i don’t want to put them here (tomorroww so much to do tomorrow…). but i can say that the group of children live in the poorest district of the city, previously under the care of the Lady, who ran an orphanage/shelter kind of place. she was an entertainer at upper-middle class parties and also sewed clothes on the side. and as Alex said, she couldn’t talk. she saved Alex when he was pushed out the train door during rush hour (he was coming home from school) and he landed badly on his arm. his arm broke and he has a scar on his elbow ‘cuz he got cut on something while landing. so now Alex stops by the children (who are now under the care of a few now adult orphans) and buys them things that are harder for them to come by. he usually plays with them with Kaleb, too, but sometimes he just stops by the Lady’s grave. he also rescued Luke, the abandoned puppy, with the help of the Lady (she only died like a year ago, and they saved Luke right before then).

err i’m not sure if this is so much answering the prompt, but the place is important in that it holds many important memories? i guess…ok fine slight spoilers: the boy (the main antagonist) also grew up in this district. except, he wasn’t lucky enough to have someone look after him, so he learned to be a good criminal here. 

ugh bad writing ;u; at least i came up with a loooot of good ideas (that are hinted, but not really explained here hehe some are barely hinted at all…). 

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